-19. MTBO 2011 supports scientific research. Free WiFi at finish arenas

MTBO 2011 SUPPORTS SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. The Organizing Committee supports Fondazione Città della Speranza (City of Hope Foundation), that has been working to raise funds since 1994 for the Padua pediatric oncohematological centre and for the medical scientific research. The Tower for pediatric research is opening this year; it will give work to 350 researchers from all over the world. Sponsors, organizers and participants of MTBO 2011 championships will fight for sure a good fight.

FREE WIFI CONNECTION THANKS TO TELEMAR. In all the finish arenas a wireless Local Area Network will be made available for free by Telemar. The WiFi Plaza service will let athletes and staff members communicate in real time with their friends through the web. A quick guide with instructions is HERE