-17. Hotel Castelli to be headquarters of MTBO 2011

HOTEL CASTELLI TO BE HEADQUARTERS OF MTB0 2011. Everything is ready for the welcome of the teams at Hotel Castelli in Montecchio Maggiore, designated for the headquarters of the Mountain bike orienteering World Championships. With 150 rooms and 8 meeting halls Hotel Castelli is a perfect location to host the big event. It will be the competition centre where athletes, coaches, organizers and journalist will meet before and after the race.

FIRST ARRIVALS FOR CHINA AND RUSSIA. The first delegation member has arrived in Italy some days ago. The Chinese team manager is already in Rome, waiting for the athletes that will come in the next days. Next nationals teams coming are Australia and Russia, both very competitive. Russians can count on the long distance defending champion Anton Foliforov and his teammates Ruslan Gritsan and Valeriy Gluhov, gold medalists in the 2011 relay.