Programme Update Training camp WMTBOC 2011 - September 2010


In order to offer one more training next to the WMTBOC 2011 area and to avoid long transfer in Asiago,

the organizers have added one more training Camp in Nanto on the Berici Hills on Tuesday 21 September, 2010.

As there will be the presence of media,  sponsors and television we recommend all O-bikers to be present at the start of training meeting point at 10.00 on each day.

At the meeting points  of the trainings in each town,  local authorities  and school students will officially welcome and greet the O-bikers.

It will be possible to pick up the set of training maps in  Nanto on 21 September from 9.30 to 11.00  .  

Addresses of training meeting points:

21st  September 2010

Nanto: Municipality house, via del Mercato 43

Road: from Vicenza SP 247 - Riviera Berica in direction Noventa Vicentina. 19 km far from Vicenza

22nd  September 2010

Brendola / Montecchio Maggiore : House Club Golf Club Colli Berici

Road: from Vicenza SR 11 -in direction Verona . 15 km far from Vicenza


The President of the MTBO-IOF Commission will be present on September 22, 2010 and we will organize an official national press conference.

Facilities: dressing room and showers. It would be possible to eat at the restaurant of Golf Club with a conventional price of 18 euro (bread, first big dish of pasta, salad, mozzarella cheese or ham, fruit and water).

Please book lunch  upon your arrival.

23rd  September 2010

Arcugnano Municipality house: Torri di Arcugnano, piazza/square Mariano Rumor 15

Road: from Vicenza SP 247 - Riviera Berica in direction Noventa Vicentina. 8 km far from Vicenza

Possibility of lunch at local Pizzerias (very good and cheaper)  or local restaurants.

Training in Asiago is still available.

Useful phone numbers for the  training camp WMTBOC 2011 - September 2010

Gabriele Viale - event manager - + 39 338 6138 508

Angelo Frighetto - training manager + 39 335 6357870