ROAD TO WMTBOC 2011: Sándor Tálas (Hungary) to receive the baton


It won't be just an ordinary world championship for Hungary: in August the Magyars are going to "receive the baton" from the Italian organisers. Next edition of WMTBOC will be held in Veszprem, in August 2012. So let's have a talk with Sándor Tálas, national team coach and one of the top Hungarian M40 bikers (when he has enough time to compete).

"Our preparation is limited by funds and time available - Tálas says - We have little funding from the Federation, so we use it for participation in the main events. All our riders work or study full time, so they can attend few training camps. Nevertheless, we had a team of 5 bikers training in the World Championships training maps for 4 days". It's not appropriate to ask about trials. "Unfortunately, for our team the key question is not selection, but funding. We can seldom fill all the places available for our team".

Anna Füzy is perhaps the most excellent Hungarian rider. Her best result was reached in Italy: a 3rd place at the European Champs in Castelfiorentino. She was also in top 6 at the World Championships several times. The best junior result was achieved last year by Brigitta Koos, a 2nd place at the JWOC in Portugal. "Brigitta is likely to be a medal contestant in all the JWOC races. Podium appearance, i.e. top 6 place, could be achieved by the Anna Füzy or Veronika Cseh among the senior ladies, and by Marcell Horváth amid the junior men. We also hope that in those categories we can get in the top 6 in the relay."

15-17 April Hungary will host Round 1 of the 2011 World Cup. Check out www.mtbo.hu.