exhibition centre of ViArt, in the historical centre of Vicenza

Opening: Thursday 16th December – contra del Monte – Vicenza

World Mountain Bike Orienteering introduces itself in the exhibition centre of ViArt, in the historical centre of Vicenza.

The synergy between sport orienteering and Palladio’s town is tightening up, going towards the World Championship which will involve a large part of Vicenza district in the next August 2011. Waiting to see the champions’ challenges on the mountain bike between Berici Hills and Brenta river, it will be possible to get to know this sport through the designs of 20 best artists who competed for the concourse Eismann –Arte per Passione, trying to give an image of the communicative campaign of the World Championship.

The projects submitted by graphics and designers from all over Italy will be displayed at ViArt from 16th December to 9th January 2011, from Tuesday to Friday 15.30/19.30 and Saturdays and Sundays 10.00/12.30, 15.30/19.30.

ViArt is a site which gives space to the works of the best local artisans, offering a walk through fabrics, pottery, stones, wood, gold and other wonders which the genius and the ability of master artisans could create. Next to this we will display our posters, creations of graphic and design artists’ creativity, since we believe that sport and art are two fields which can entwine and talk with profit. And talking about profit, it is our intention to include ViArt among the destinations we will suggest to foreign delegations coming for the World Championship: that will be a suggestive way to get to know Vicenza district and also a possibility to buy souvenirs to take to the homeland.