A World Show for Vicenza


MTBO 2011 at a glance

The ninth edition of World MTB-O Championships will be really something you can't miss. A total of 16 World Champion titles (8 in the top and 8 in the junior classes) will be assigned in the Vicenza province betweeen August 20 and 27. Let's have a look at what you can expect from MTBO 2011.

Long Distance final

23.08.2011 Marostica - Bassano

The main title. The Marathon on wheels, or, if you prefer, the heavyweight title belt of mtb-orienteering. Expected winning time will be about 85-95 minutes for women and 105-115 minutes for men. Bikers will start from the main square in Marostica, a beautiful medieval walled town, mostly famous for its living chess event and for the local cherry variety. Athletes will pass by the little Cyclist Church in the well-known Rosina track. The finish area will be in Bassano del Grappa, famous for its strong liqueur and the covered bridge. Piazza Libertà (one of the two big squares in Bassano) will crown the new world champions.

Long Distance qualifications

22.08.2011 Bregonze hills

In order to qualify to the Long Distance final, qualification heats will be held in the Bregonze hills, near Thiene.  The Long Distance qualifications will start from the main square in Zugliano and finish in Piazza dei Terzi in Chiuppano. Course lenghts will be shortened compared to the final.

Middle Distance

25.08.2011 Pozzolo di Villaga

A very technically demanding course, in a dense track network where map reading skills rather than biking ability will be crucial to the success. The competition is based on interval start with one athlete starting every minute. The winning time is expected around 45-50 minutes for women and 55-60 minutes for men. The Middle Distance arena will be built in the Pozzolo plain, an historic area for the local orienteers. Here foot-orienteering events were held during the 80's with an old black-and-white map.


26.08.2011 Alonte

The relay is run by a team of 3 bikers of the same country, each running a course. It employs e mass start with all the countries leaving together the event arena. The average course will last about 40-50 minutes. This will be one of the most spectator-friendly event with start, finish, change zone and public control in piazza Santa Savina in Alonte.


27.08.2011 Sossano

A short, fast. adrenaline-filled race which requires high speed and full concentration. Winning times are estimated to be about 20-25 minutes both for women and men. Start and finish will be in the same area with a public control nearby. Sossano was chosen by the organizers for its velodrome, close to a hill: the most of the competition will be visible from the spectators' area.