Start from Bregonze the Challenge of MTBO 2011

Was held at the town of Zugliano the conference with municipalities that will host the qualification stage of MTBO O World Championship 2011. Present the Mayor of Zugliano Dr. Leonardo, Mayor of Finozzi Calvene, and Mayor Carrè Dal Cero well as other directors representing the towns of Lugo and Chiuppano. The purpose of the meeting was to launch and implement synergies to develop the operational plan for the qualification  stage of the long distance MTBO World Championship  that will take part on 23 August next year the area of Bregonze hills.

Getting ready for the pre-world Championship  training  camp that already next Tuesday 21 September will involve athletes of national teams from Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Cze,  Slovenia and Italy, for the first official training in Nanto, in the days after two other training are planned  from the Golf Club Brendola - Partner of event - Wednesday, September 22, and the City of Arcugnano the following day. In the towns of Nanto and also Arcugnano school students for a warm welcome to all athletes.