-4. Typical Vicenza Food tasting with Morato

IN THE MENU: SOPPRESSA, HAM, ASIAGO CHEESE AND MORATO BREAD. The World MTB Orienteering Championships dinner with typical Vicenza food and bread made by Morato Pane. The welcome program offered to the athletes and the spectators of MTBO Riondo offers a tasting experience: the event will be enriched with the Soppressa Vicentina, Veneto ham and Asiago cheese. Foretastes will be offered in the race arenas and in the spare moments. Bread and grissini (breadsticks) will be offered by Morato Pane, a local company based in Altavilla - Vicenza.

SPONSOR & MARKETING TO MARTA BELTRAMELLO. Marta Beltramello, from Bassano, is in charge of Marketing & Sponsor for MTBO Riondo 2011. Always a outdoor sports lover, she started practicing Nordic Walking, a discipline working together with orienteering to increase tourism in the Vicenza area. Apart from being instructress and promoter of this sport, Marta is vicepresident of the Nordic Walking Vicenza association, cooperating with the organizing committee of the World Championships.