-2. MTBO 2011 ready to start

SUNDAY IS MODEL EVENT DAY. Tomorrow at 3 pm the model event will take place in Castegnero; it will be the last test for organizers and bikers before the main week, during which 16 world titles (8 for the Elite and 8 for the Junior classes) will be awarded. For this stage, the organizers have chosen the Riviera Berica area: the model event is starting at 3 pm from Castegnero, and the course will touch the municipalities of Arcugnano, Nanto and Mossano.


NORDIC WALKING TO START. Starting tomorrow from Salcedo are also the Nordic Walking activities. The subject of the day is Art, with the visits to Salcedo and Lugo villas. The full calendar is on the Nordic Walking Vicenza website, www.nordicwalkingvicenza.com.


FIAMM MAIN PARTNER. Among the main partners of MTBO 2011 there is FIAMM, a company from Vicenza world leader in the market of acoustic signals, with a significant position in all the other sectors in which it operates. Born from the all-Italian passion of the Dolcetta family and raised with real values such as integrity, quality, respect for people and the environment, the FIAMM Group has factories and offices all over the world.

MAURO GAZZERRO'S NETWORK. The connection between MTBO 2011 and public administrations is Mauro Gazzerro, who is also president of Veneto Orienteering Federation and member of the Olympic Committee regional board. Gazzerro presides all the official ceremonies and manages the relationships inside the network of the World Championships.