Chiuppano thanks a world-class staff

The local administration of Chiuppano wanted to thank all the World Championships staff with a special event. On Sunday, October 2nd, a 

soirée for all those who were cooperating during the WMTBO week was held in Chiuppano. Many volunteering groups were there to celebrate together the event who gathered for one day all the best international athletes in this small town.
The Pro Loco, the Alpini group, the local photo club, the marching bandl, Fanti and "Diamoci una mano" association, the blood idonors and the granfathers' association joined the party. Everybody was welcomed by the major of Chiuppano Giampaolo Maino and by the councilors Susanna Gioppo and Renato Sandonà, who stressed the involment of the whole community in the event.
The Organizing Committee was represented by Fiso Veneto president Mauro Gazzerro, who gave the municipality a frame as a present, with all the most beautiful pictures of the Chiuppano stage, where the Long Distance qualifications were held August 22.