MTBO World Championship 2011 Poster is all about Vicenza

The Palladian Basilica of Vicenza, some green, white and red brushworks and a mountain bike in the foreground: this is the poster titled "Made in Italy" conceived by Diego Boscolo, who will accompany the press and advertising campaign from now to next August.

This is the decision made last night by the jury of Arte per Passione (Art for Passion) contest, organized by Eismann, main sponsor for the Championship, and addressed to young graphic designers and professional designers .

150 people participated to the contest and many were the works examined at Rosina Restaurant in Marostica, a bikers favourite location, by 14 components of a heterogeneous jury: Paola Pezzo, MTB World Champion, Marino Finozzi, Regional assessor, Umberto Nicolai, Coni Vicenza President,  Cristiano Seganfreddo, Fuori Biennale, Andrea Paulicelli, art director Mamadesignlab, Paolo Valerio, Verona Teatro Nuovo director, Antonio Sambo, Veneto Region Sport executive, Mauro Gazzerro, FISO Veneto president, 

Gabriele Viale, event manager mondiali 2011,Giovanni Paolino, Eismann Italia general manager, Stefania Fochesato,  Città della Speranza foundation, Chiara Bighignoli, marketing Sharp Italia, Sebastiano
Zanolli, manager and writer, Alessandro Beluscio, Golf Club Brendola vice-president.

Two were the basic prerequisites for the works: the recall to the MTBO sport and Italy, the country which will host the Championship. Much space was left to artists' creativity and this led to some very original interpretations.

"The winning work hit the jury for two reasons -: - Gabriele Viale explained: - on one hand for the simplicity and the directness of the message, on the other hand for the original recall to Italy and specifically moreoverto Vicenza where the competitions will take place, drawing a well-known architectural work.

In addition to the winning one, the jury selected other 9 works which, together with the 10 chosen from http://www.arteperpassione.it/, form the exhibition called "Arte per Passione" which will be hosted in some towns of Vicenza province in the months before the competition.

The opening of the exhibition is planned for December inside the Palladian Basilica.

"World Championship -commented Marino Finozzi, will be a great opportunity for tourism in out territory, thanks to the big attendance of North-Europe athletes, very into this sport, who demonstrate increasing interest for Vicenza and Veneto region. "

Vice-president of the Province Dino Secco, who also took part at the meeting, share the same opinion.

Top brass of FISO ( Italian Federation of Orienteering Sport) were present: President Sergio Grifoni and secretary-general Giuseppe Falco, who are already thinking about 2014 World Orienteering Championship, which might interest Veneto region again.