- 27. The French National team in Vicenza

FRENCH IN VICENZA. National teams start to test the Colli Berici hills and paths in similar conditions of those they'll find during the world championships MTBO 2011. From July 27th to August 1st the French team will train in Arcugnano - Fimon lake, Brendola, Castegnero and Nanto, the designated training maps.

RECOARO, A WORLD CHAMPION WATER. Recoaro will provide water for the bikers' refreshments and the media events like press-conferences. Recoaro spring water keeps a strong reference with its territory, the Vicenza "Small Dolomites", as it shares its values, traditions and inner spirit.

MAPS ON MTBO 2011 WEBSITE. The old Mountain bike Orienteering maps made before the embargo are available on MTBO 2011 website. Check out the "Maps" section.