ROAD TO WMTBOC 2011: Easter in the Vicenza hills


It will be an Easter in the Vicenza hills for the WMTBOC 2011 organisers and many athletes. In these days the IOF delegate Antje Bornhak is visiting the world championships' venues to check all the courses details: cartography, distances, climbing and control points. The German, living in Austria, biker has been a very successful athlete and a gold medalist in the Relay in 2005 in Banska Bystrica.

The whole technical commission of the organizing committee is following the indications coming from the inspections with race director Paolo Di Bert, courses setter Bepi Simoni, courses controller Roberto Manea, cartographer Angelo Frighetto and Fiso delegate Maurizio Ongania.

The second international training camp is now under way in the Vicenza hills, with some 120 bikers coming from Finland, Italy, Japan, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Also attending are the world champions Samuli  Saarela and Marika Hara.

"It is important to train in similar conditions as in August - says middle distance reigning World Champion Samuli Sarela - Paths and tracks in the Vicenza hills are very nice for mtb-orienteering. I'm really determined to confirm my title and I'm glad for the nice weather here, after a very cold winter in Finland, where my training was mostly cross country skiing and gym".

IOF delegate Antje Bornhak was welcomed by the local municipalities at the Romeo and Juliet castles by the major of Montecchio Maggiore, Milena Cecchetto.