Technical Commission of the International Federation visiting Vicenza from 16th to 18th April 2010

World Championships of Mountain Bike Orienteering 

The technical Commission of the International Federation visiting Vicenza from 16th  to 18th  April 2010. 


The organizational machine of the World Championship of Mountain Bike Orienteering planned for next year from 20th  to 28th  August in Vicenza and Province is working hard. The meetings with the institutions and public authorities are numerous in order to make the final programme. Together with the technical staff composed of detectors, cartographers, paths trackers, the race direction will meet on 16-18 April to accompany the technical delegate of International Federation, the Austrian Antje Bornhak-in technical inspection of race-land. The event stage of the whole Championship will be the territory of Vicenza, which already by September 2010 in some zones will be affected by the pre-worldchampionship, the week of workouts and official test for competitive teams. The municipalities part of the  test-races are Brendola, Altavilla Arcugnano, Longare, Montecchio Maggiore, Nanto and Zovencedo. Also the championship programme has been defined: a great opening-ceremony  will take place in Vicenza, in Piazza dei Signori. World Stage of qualification in long distance will be on the hills of Bregonze (interested municipalities of Thiene, Calvene, Carré, Chiappano, Lugo and Zugliano), final middle distance Berici Hills of Villaga/Barbarano/San Germano dei Berici, long distance and relay final in the territories of Alonte, Grancona, Lonigo, Orgiano and Sarego. Finally the grand finale with the sprint will take place in the city centres of Marostica and Bassano. A preliminary collaboration with the coordination of Pro Loco of Colli Berici has been defined in order to integrate the services of promotion of tourism in the area of the World Championship MTB0 2011. After the Bit Tourism Exhibition of Milan, thanks to valuable collaboration with the Consortium Vicenza è, the MTBO logo, has been exposed also in the Tourism Exhibition of Vicenza of last week named Gitando2010.